Topsoe will exhibit their products on 2rd China international VOCs monitoring & management innovation summit

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About Topsoe 
Founded in 1940 on the brink of the Second World War, Dr. Haldor Topsoe started the company based on a commitment to heterogenous catalysis. 
The company is governed by the notion that only through fundamental science can we continue to offer our clients the best, and the past 60 years offer an on-going tale of improving catalysis. 

Research - technology - catalysts 
The synergy between research and development, process design, engineering, catalyst production and sales form the basis of the continuous optimization of our catalysts and technologies. 
Topsoe’s research activities are focused according to feedback from industrial practice. Engineering design parameters are firmly based on in-house knowledge and technology resulting from research and development efforts. Our catalysts and processes are developed in close collaboration between research, engineering, and production, ensuring the creation of catalysts and processes, which meet and exceed clients’ expectations. 
Advising our clients 
The Topsoe business model is unique, integrating all aspects from fundamental knowledge to practical implementation to achieve optimum industrial efficiency. This ensures an ideal platform for advising clients and promotes state-of-the-art plants with excellent performance. 

Working together 

Topsoe’s commitment to catalysis has created a strong and multi-facetted business with a product portfolio spanning from catalysts to proprietary equipment, process design, engineering and service. 

Haldor Topsoe in China
Haldor Topsoe Beijing Representative Office was built in 1985, focusing on sales and technical supports in Chinese market. Until now, Topsoe has signed more than 100 EDP contracts and over 1000 catalyst contract. 
Haldor Topsoe(Beijing)Co.,Ltd was set up based on Beijing Representative Office in 2010.
Currently Haldor Topsoe (Beijing) Co., Ltd has nearly 100 employees, and in charge of the sales、process calculation and technical service among China and surrounding countries. The total contract value of 2012 is more than 1 billon. 
Haldor Topsoe Catalyst (Tianjin) Co., Ltd invested totally over 1 billion RMB in Nangang Industrial Zone, Tianjin Economic-technological Development Zone in 2013.The new plant has been under production in 2015. 
Haldor Topsoe Science & Technology (Dalian) Co., Ltd has established since January, 2016. This is Topsoe’s very first R&D center outside Denmark. It has signed the comprehensive collaboration agreement with Dalian Institute for Chemical Physics (DICP). Topsoe will select and fund relevant projects at DICP.

About VOCs Summit 2020:

2rd China international VOCs monitoring & management innovation summit will be held in Shanghai on March 26-27,2020. The theme is "focus on the new situation of VOCs industry, Seek development of environment innovation". Across 2 days, engage 400+ industry professionals in need of insight tnew policy and technology of VOCs, the demands & problems of users, including VOCs monitotring technology, VOCs abatement technology etc in China.

Workshop one: VOCs monitoring and key equipment/technology

  1. Application of sensor technology (PID, FID) in VOCs monitoring

  2. Application of chromatography, mass spectrometry and spectroscopy in VOCs monitoring

  3. VOCs monitoring analysis method standard, monitoring instrument technical requirements

  4. VOCs pretreatment and detection analysis technology commonly used in laboratory

  5. Application of intelligent environmental protection and IOT technology in VOCs industry  

  6. VOCs monitoring vehicle application

  7. Continuous monitoring and warning technology for VOCs Leakage Sealing Solutions

  8. Key components leakage seal and on - line monitoring technology

  9. Emission reduction of VOCs and intelligent monitoring of iot applications

  10. Intelligent online monitoring system and its application in the parks

  11. Factory Boundary Monitoring of VOCs

  12. Application of fixed source VOCs on-line monitoring system

  13. VOCs monitoring technology and instrument &equipment application in indoor/vehicle

  14. VOCs Monitoring and third party services

  15. Third-party environment testing services of VOCs

  16. Monitoring and supervision requirements of pollutors in key industries

 Workshop two:  VOCs comprehensive management and key equipment/technology

  1. Theapplication status and progres of VOCs collection, concentration, purification and other technologies and equipments

  2.  Comprehensive solution for VOCs management in key industries

  3.  Control and monitoring technology of volatile organic compounds and odor pollution

  4. VOCs control technology in cooking fume/auto repair industry

  5.  Design and application of activated carbon adsorption VOCs treatment engineering

  6. Application of adsorption + condensation VOCs solvent recovery technology

  7. Research and application of low temperature plasma photocatalytic treatment of VOCs

  8. VOCs Zeolite roller+RTO/RCO technology

  9. Application progress of Zeolite roller concentration + regenerative combustion (RTO) technology

  10. VOCs control and system seal connection technology

  11. Application of membrane separation technology

  12. Application of fan system in VOCs management engineering

  13. Aplication of exhaust gas purification and filtration function materials

  14. Application and the design craft of  VOCs management projects

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